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Install Process of Modern Pavers

Install Process

Getting Started

Installing modern pavers requires a detailed process whereby each stage builds upon the previous, getting stronger with each layer. Here is the installation process of Modern Paving’s California pavers.
1 The first step is to remove existing surface materials (concrete, asphalt, etc.) and excavate the subsoil below the finished grade.   Install Process
Install Process   2 After the surface material and soil has been removed, we then apply base material and grade for natural runoff of surface water. During this process, the base material is compacted utilizing plate vibrators to achieve a firm base for the pave stone field.
3 After grading and compaction of the base material is finished, we apply and level sharp normal-weight washed screening sand on top of the compacted base in preparation for the installation of the driveway, patio, or walkway pavers.   Install Process
Install Process   4 The pave stone field having been set just beyond the borders is then marked by the installation crew and the border stone and field stone are then cut to achieve the desired border detail. These cuts are accomplished with a diamond tip wet saw so that the field stones and border stones are perfectly aligned. At this point we will excavate the base and sand material within the border dimensions requiring sub-grade concrete edge restraints and prepare the border stones and field stones adjoining the border stones for the sub grade concrete edge restraint.
5 The border stones requiring sub-grade concrete edge restraints are then set over a mixed concrete sub-grade footing that has been constructed to hold the border stone in place so as to prevent lateral movement of the pave stone field. After the border stones have been set in the concrete sub-grade footing, the installation crews will insure that there is proper alignment of the border stone to the field stone. During this step, the plate vibrator is passed over the installed field to set the pave stones into place.   Install Process
Install Process   6 The final step in the installation process is the application and sweeping of dry sand over the entire installed field. Utilizing the plate vibrator, the vibration causes sand to fill the joints between the pave stones which will cause the field to expand laterally. Because the pave stone field is contained with natural and constructed edge restraints, the field cannot move beyond the contained borders this process when completed will lock the system in place. We then sweep excess sand
from the installed pave stone field and gently wash down the installed area with water. At the conclusion of the installation process we clean up and haul-a-way all construction related materials leaving the installed areas ready for your immediate use and enjoyment.

Driveway, patio, and walkway pavers make a great hardscape option if you are considering redoing your hardscape. Modern Paving has provided the Inland Empire, The Bay Area, Santa Barbara, Orange County and surrounding areas with high-quality, beautiful California pavers for 25 years. Let us install your ideal hardscape by contacting us online or over the phone for a free consultation today.
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