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Install Process of Modern Turf

Install Process

Getting Started

Installing artificial grass in the Bay Area requires a detailed process
whereby each stage builds upon the previous, getting stronger with
each layer. Modern Paving provides exceptional modern landscape
and modern hardscape design to businesses and homeowners
throughout the Inland Empire, Santa Barbara, the Bay Area,
Orange County and surrounding areas. Here is how we install
turf for our customers.
1 Remove existing surface materials (concrete, asphalt, dead grass etc.) and excavate the subsoil below the finished grade, 3" to 4". Install restrain edges; could be bender boards or mow strip made out of concrete or pavers.   Install Process
Install Process   2 Prepare the area, and install drains if needed. Spread 2 to 3 inches of either decomposed granite, or class II base, and compact to 90%.
3 Install weed blocker. This way weeds will never grow in your modern turf.   Install Process
Install Process   4 Roll the turf, cut and glue the seams, nail down the turf with galvanized nails only.
5 Broom your turf so the blades are standing up.   Install Process
Install Process   6 Spread Durafill or green sand. About 1.5 pounds per square foot.
7 Wash down your new turf completely.   Install Process
Install Process

  If you need artificial grass in the Bay Area or modern hardscape design in surrounding areas, you want Modern Paving to take care of you. For over 25 years we have provided business owners and homeowners with exception hardscaping and landscaping options. Contact us online or over the phone for a free consultation today.
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