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“The design, material and workmanship are top notch.”
- Jason Lu, San Carlos
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Install Process of Modern Turf

Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA
Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA
Installing artificial turf in the outdoor areas of your home is one of the best ways to make sure that you have lawn spaces that are easy to maintain. Today, many property owners are replacing their natural grass lawns with synthetic grass.

We at Modern Paving are a highly respected business in this field. We have over 30 years of experience behind us and cater to clients across Southern California. If you are looking for impeccable workmanship and features built using high-grade products, we are the company to call.

We are focused on providing excellent synthetic turf installation services at very competitive pricing. With us, you are always assured of superior customer service as well. If you are looking for good quality synthetic grass installations, you need to make sure that experienced installers like us are handling the job.

Custom Artificial Grass Installation

Many people believe that artificial grass installation is effortless and that it just has to be unrolled in the designated area. However, the truth is that this job requires significant skill, the right tools, and knowledge. We have vast experience in this industry and have installed artificial grass lawns on many properties across the region.

Not only do we handle residential turf installation, but we also tackle commercial projects. Regardless of the scale of the job, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best solutions. We have detailed discussions with you and make sure that we have understood your preferences and ideas. We also offer recommendations and advice, so your artificial turf installation is perfect in every way.

Synthetic Turf Installation - The Work Process

Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA
Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA
  • Installing artificial grass in the Bay Area requires a detailed process whereby each stage builds upon the previous, getting stronger with each layer. Modern Paving provides exceptional modern landscape and modern hardscape design to businesses and homeowners throughout the Inland Empire, Santa Barbara, the Bay Area.
  • Orange County and surrounding areas. Here is how we install turf for our customers.
  • Remove existing surface materials (concrete, asphalt, dead grass etc.) and excavate the subsoil below the finished grade, 3" to 4". Install restrain edges; could be bender boards or mow strips made out of concrete or pavers.
  • Prepare the area and install drains if needed. Spread 2 to 3 inches of either decomposed granite, or class II base, and compact to 90%.
  • Install weed blocker. This way, weeds will never grow on your modern turf.
  • Roll the turf, cut and glue the seams, and nail down the turf with galvanized nails only.
  • Broom your turf, so the blades are standing up.
  • Spread Durafill or green sand. About 1.5 pounds per square foot.
  • Wash down your new turf completely.
  • ENJOY!

Cost-Effective Artificial Turf Installations

Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA When you have experts like us handling the job for you, you have peace of mind that your artificial turf installation will be carried out to industry standards. We never compromise on any aspect of the job. This means you are assured of high-quality products, top-notch workmanship, and outstanding customer service.

Our aim is always to delight you with the solutions we offer. We balance high quality with affordability, which means the synthetic turf installation we handle for you will be easy on your pocket. If you need artificial grass in the Bay Area or modern hardscape design in surrounding areas, you want Modern Paving to take care of you.

For over 30 years we have provided business owners and homeowners with exceptional hardscaping and landscaping options. Contact us online or over the phone for a free consultation today. Send us your project details, and we will be more than happy to help you kick-start your next project.

Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA Artificial Turf Install Bay Area CA

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