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- Jason Lu, San Carlos
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Pools & Spas - Our Installation Process

Modern Pools

Pools & Spas - Our Installation Process Having the pool and spa of your dreams no longer has to be a mere thought in the distance! Modern Paving helps families make dreams turn into a reality. Our installation process is designed in eight easy steps to ensure you receive everything you want in your pool and spa.

Different pool designs require different procedures, but in general, the following phases should be what you expect when the new pool construction starts. From start to finish, the whole process should take around 8 weeks.

Our team of specialists helps to design not only your pool and spa, but can also help with the overall remodeling of your backyard area. Our California retaining walls are a great addition to your outdoor patio because they add texture and functionality to your pool deck. We also offer many different types of pavers in the Bay Area that vary in style, shape, and color that will be incorporated into your design phase to match your overall aesthetic. Contact us at (855)-955-PAVE to learn more about including our quality California pavers in your pool and spa design today.

Install Process

1. Design Phase

Our professional designers will work with you to come up with the best possible design for your home. What you always envisioned. The design is complete, includes landscaping, accessories like fireplace or a fire ring, Sod or artificial grass, decking, spa and waterfalls.

Install Process

2. The Digging Phase

After you are 100% satisfied with the design, we obtain permits from engineering and the city. We also call dig alert to mark any underground pipes. On the designated start date, we mark the grounds, and set the leveling. Our excavating team goes at it. This phase usually takes 1 day to complete.

Install Process

3. Steel Rebar Phase

Usually the next day after excavating, our steel rebar team goes to work. This phase also usually takes 1 day to complete.

Install Process

4. Equipment, Plumbing, Gas and Electrical Phase

Usually right after the steel rebar is installed, our team of plumbers and electricians start installing the water lines, electrical, gas and equipment lines. This phase usually takes 5 days to complete.

Install Process

5. Gunite/Shotcrete Phase

As soon as the plumbing phase is completed, we call for inspection. Once the inspection is signed off, the next day we shoot gunite or shotcrete. This phase also usually takes 1 day to complete. We let the fresh gunite Cure for 7 days.

Install Process

6. Coping and Tile Phase

After the pool has cured for 7 days, we start on the coping, then the tile. Depending on what kind of coping you choose, this process will take 3 to 5 days to complete. Concrete Precast coping is shown below.

Install Process

7. Decking Phase

Once the coping and tile are done, we start preparing the deck. We install steel rebar Bonding grids, drains and any other conduits, we call for pre-deck inspection, and proceed with the decking process. Depending on the kind of deck you choose, installing the deck takes 2 to 5 days to complete. 5 piece interlocking paving stones are shown below.

Install Process

8. Plaster Phase

Once the deck is installed, we call for pre plaster inspection. Then we proceed with the plastering process. This takes 1 day to complete. Once the plaster is complete, we start filling the pool with water. Depending on the size of the pool, the time needed to fill the pool varies.

Install Process

9. Enjoy

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