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Why Turf?

Driveway Pavers

Turf & Artificial Grass in the Bay Area

Artificial grass has been growing in popularity for residential and commercial landscapes across the country. No longer will you need to worry about watering, fertilizing and mowing your lawn. Modern turf is an eco-friendly, low maintenance option that has captured the hearts of many home and business owners. Now with the newest generation of artificial grass in the Bay Area from Modern Paving, your lawn and patio turf will fool anyone into thinking it’s the real thing.

Have green grass year round with Modern Paving’s modern turf for your landscape. Not only does our artificial grass look completely beautiful, but it will have a positive impact on your wallet. You will lower monthly water and utility bills by never having to maintain your lawn again. Our artificial grass has long-term durability giving you the best value for your investment.

If you would like beautiful lawn or patio turf, Modern Paving are the experienced professionals you can trust. Contact us online or over the phone for a free consultation on your turf and artificial grass installation today.
Artificial Turf Us. Natural Grass
  • Weather & water resistance
  • Safety for children and pets
  • Lowered Water bills
  • Eliminate Gardener costs
  • Ability to stay green in shady or
    typically saturated or dry areas
  • Allergen resistance
  • Antimicrobial ability
  • Color Vibrancy and Lifespan
  • Resale and Property Value Enhancement
  • Little to no Maintenance
  • Lots of water needed
  • Costly time and maintenance
  • Mowing, Seeding, Fertilizer
  • Gets Muddy
  • Full of Allergens
  • Gets clothes dirty
  • Pets drag in mud
  • Doesn’t stay green
  • Pet urine and waste damage
  • Struggles in low light or shady areas
  • Gardener Expenses - Loud blowers
Only Turf satisfies each and every option.
Only Turf satisfies each and every option NO water needed   Only Turf satisfies each and every option Guaranteed to stay green & plush in shady and hard to grow areas
Only Turf satisfies each and every option NO Gardeners needed   Only Turf satisfies each and every option Increases property & lifestyle value
Only Turf satisfies each and every option NO Weeds or pesky gopher problems   Only Turf satisfies each and every option Industry leading Warranties against UV degradation and fading
Only Turf satisfies each and every option Engineered for kids & pets – Lead & Rubber Free (ASTM & EPA approved)   Only Turf satisfies each and every option Affordable and budget friendly
Lifetime Warrantu offered by most Manufacturers

What does this mean for you?

Our synthetic grass lawns will enhance your property with long lasting beauty and durability
while increasing your property value with a safe and effective low-maintenance option
providing the most value for your money and peace of mind.
Pair your beautiful Pavers with our eco-friendly Turf

Pair your eco-friendly Turf with our beautiful Pavers
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